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what do they fear?

Current mood: amused

I just found out, persons from europe are being blocked from view the web site– a friend of mine from slovenia found out today and found this article..

Perhaps they are afraid of… well shit. i cant think of a single reason they’d ban anyone. Unless they weren’t first vetted pledging an oath of undying support for Shrub. and what use do the RNC and Shrub have for the europeans anyway? Smelly liberal lot of cheese eaters. The plus side, the more they close themselves off, the better chance we have of them just dissappearing. Ya know?


at what point does it just get too fucking ridiculous?

Current mood: Mother-fuckin’ ripshit violent

It’s just too much- forget the fact that estimates now say over 100,000 Iraqis have been killed, that innocent aid workers are being kidnapped and beheaded, that the incredible self serving greed got us into all this in the first place- forget all that. I expect government to lie, cheat, steal. Look at Clinton the great middle-of-the-roader. Yeah- he’s light years better than the current administration, but he passed many policies that fucked with the environment, supported big business over social policy, etc.

But you know- as much as I hate the Neocons and their Reaganite legacy,e ven after they bought the supreme court so they could win- i never ever EVER expected they would go so low as to hire people that throw out ballots, try to change election laws at the minute to screw the vote, employ intimidation and threats to keep people from voting, do every vile possible thing to subvert the democratic process. This goes way beyond Florida in 2000. This isn’t Sierra Leon. This isn’t El Salvador. This is AMERICA. I am so fucking offended. I’m no pollyanna- after years of political activism in college and beyond trying to push for justice globally and help save the people of the world- I realized that these people mostly don’t want to be saved. I kept fighting anyway. It was the right thing to do. I know that we do not live in a representative democracy. If we did, Gore would have won and the electoral college would not exist. I’ve read Howard Zinn. I understand the fallacy of freedom and liberty for all and how our country is set up to benefit the wealthy by keeping a large middle class in the middle to keep the poor from rioting.
I’m no fucking Pollyanna.
But, for all the flag thumping, bible humping, rhetoric dumping; I still had a belief that these people at some core level believed in the United States and the governmental structure that our founders set up. I can even extend myself enough to even think that some of them think they are right and are not only out for greed and white christian supremacy. I have once again been proven wrong and once again my ability to have any faith in anything has been bashed into a bloody pulp.
I get emotional when I vote. Really. i walk into a polling booth and I feel a rush of blood through my body, my cock stiffens, my heart rate increases and tears well in my eyes. It’s so important to me. It’s so intrinsic to the very basic precepts of a free society. It’s the only thing I hold dearly from the laws of men that has any meaning and worth. The right to vote is America. Without, even the lie of what we stand for is meaningless.
I am so sick with anger, i want to spit and spit and spit.

I am so sick with anger, i can’t feel anything.

I am so sick with anger.

I feel so sick.