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Arrogance is Fascism

We live in what might be considered the most distasteful and darkest times of American history; save 400 years of slavery and the abject brutal discrimination of anyone of “color”. The Shrub legacy had already been defined in the first two years of his presidency, and continues to the nth degree in the three years that has followed. It is incredulous to many that the blatant disregard for liberty and human life is so widely accepted in the wake of the September 11th attacks on the U.S continues unabated- the ease that trifles such as the tens of thousands of Iraqi deaths and the continuous kidnapping, torture and assassination of non-combatants in the war against “terror” are totally disregarded in the name of “freedom” and “safety”. And that is just speaking of acts committed by the U.S. side; not even considering the “insurgency”.

We have to acknowledge, although you wont find nary a mention in all mainstream and even in many of the alternative presses; that the willingness to shoot, kill or maim anyone deemed as a “possible threat” is an acceptable practice and is being carried out with “extreme prejudice.”

Perhaps the most recent and blatant example of this is the firing on an Italian Secret Service car that was carrying journalist Giuliana Sgrena recently released by kidnappers, in which she was wounded and one of the agents that was protecting her was killed/murdered as they approached an American detail guarding a makeshift checkpoint on the road to the Baghdad airport. The initial report stated that:

[U.S. troops “attempted to warn the driver to stop by hand and arm signals, flashing white lights, and firing warning shots in front of the car,” the statement said. “When the driver didn’t stop, the soldiers shot into the engine block, which stopped the vehicle, killing one and wounding two others.”

(source CNN-]

The explanation delivered today, Thursday March 10th, is that the detail had opened fire because of enhanced security measures in place to help protect newly appointed intelligence Chief John Negroponte (who wasn’t “aware” of the U.S. trained Salvadoran Death Squads during his tenure as ambassador of El Salvador during the Reagan administration) was visiting; thus the heightened hair-trigger reactions of the troops.

What’s innately wrong with this explanation that exposes the core of the heinous mindset underlying the entire U.S. policy of “armed engagement” is that the presupposition that it is “okay” to open fire on a vehicle traveling 20 miles per hour because there is thought to be a imminent threat of endangering a person not even present and making the decision to shoot after waving at them. This action fully underscores one basic fact: the lives of Iraqis (or possibly anyone not recognized as American immediately) are fully expendable. It is placing the value of one person’s life over another that is inherently wrong; and the belief that this is a fully acceptable practice because anyone not clearly an American or American Ally is subject to this classification is the same thought process that enabled the brutal American slavery years, Hitler’s extermination of 10 million people (6 million of them Jews), Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, El Salvador’s death squads, Saddam Hussein’s use of biological/chemical weapons on the Kurds, Sierra Leone’s children’s army, Tutsi on Hutu and Sudanese sanctioned genocide and on and on.

The result of the devaluation of human life and liberty in the wake of 9/11 in its least insidious form that has allowed the detention of thousands of “enemy combatants” in secret with no due process; to the tens of thousands of non-combatant deaths resulting from subsequent terrorist attacks, the pacification of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, and the ongoing murder of innocent people by Iraqi “insurgents” and American troops during home invasions and roadside checkpoints is, at it’s worst, truly abhorrent.

When all this is perpetrated in the name of “Freedom” and “Liberty” it is downright repugnant and belies everything the “United States of America” supposedly represents.

It would be naive to think that this mindset is something new for those in power, but the enormity of this tragedy under current American blessing is beyond comprehension for most- and a call to arms for tens of thousands around the world that are now converging on Iraq and planning future acts that will harden and perpetuate the American doctrine of “Democratization” and bring a never ending cycle of more terrorist attacks around the world creating a constant state of fear and instability and thereby ensuring that the near fascist ideologies of the neocons/shrubbers will be forever entrenched in American policy and thereby ending this grand experiment known as “American Democracy”

The sheer arrogance of assuming that anyone that has a differing or divergent opinion (or in the Shrub’s words is “not with us”) is “against us” and an enemy; extending out to not only siding with the U.S. on the fallacious ‘War on Terror” but to every aspect of day to day life including everything from global warming to gay marriage is an ideological war being perpetrated by a small minority on a huge majority of Americans that haven’t the focus or stomach to put up a fight against a group of Self-Righteous Flag Thumping because the simple fact that it takes so much more effort to just keep a family fed and housed, much less the fear of being classified as unpatriotic or worse is unraveling the entirety of American society.

The short brief period of the last 40 years, beginning with the Civil Rights movement in the late 1950’s, where the United States of America came closest to reaching it’s purported values of freedom and liberty of a truly pluralistic, secular and democratic society is now over- ending with the extremely narrow and arrogant policies of an elite few who have re-defined these values to their own liking and deeming anyone not one hundred percent on board as “against freedom” and morally bankrupt and thus devoid of basic human rights that we have held self-evident; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Arrogance is Fascism

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