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Sleepless in Insipidity

Current mood: blank

another sleepless night
why can’t I be tired
at a reasonable hour
it makes no sense
if I will be tired later
why can’t I be tired
and sleep now
and be awake later
when I am more useful
to myself
to society
to the world as a whole

I never did
fit into the greater scheme
of things

and stuff

instead of
watching Oblongs
and BeBop
which are wonderful
in their own right
and eating fat free
Fig Newmans
which are also wonderful

and righteous

wholly not productive

I could be
trying to write
getting caught up on work
unpackaging my mop in a box
and mopping this fucking floor
cleaning the fish tank
driving around
distributing lawn bags
to the homeless
since the night
is moistening itself
once again

but no
I’ll stay up too late
alone in my boxers
think about my kids
and my mortality
and how fucking stupid
the president is
watch one screen or another
and understand
that regardless of
an analagous circulatory system

electrons dont have

the gravity of blood

-Rex 06