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i fucking hate people

i’m cereal…

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found… words…

I am digging through old boxes of mine in Ohio- Things from elementary school on- and I came across a box circa 1995. Inside- lots of magazines (Eulenspigel!!!) and things- but a stack of printed papers with about 200 poems I had written- so far at least 50 or so that I had totally forgotten about- some aren’t very good. Some are really bad.

Some… I like. Some… well you decide…


sax and violet ins

i long to hear the alto sax
of your voice trill in my ears
the waterfall of your mouth
spilling across my breast
the ballet of your fingers…

“get to the point…”

okay, okay… i wanna fuck.


I feel
the load of words
and thoughts
building and pressing
grouping and compressing

a few slip silently
from deep within me

looking around
to see
if anyone noticed.


as he goes
she knows


lizard gizzards, one dollar.

lizards inner gizzards
“mister, are you okay?”
“No, here have a dollar.
Tell your mother that it’s from
a lizard gizzard”
“I’ll take the dollar
but I have no mother”
“Then we are even,
for I have no son”


This wall
against my back,
feels good.

for the love of…

hide thing forcible tracts. oh snickened harblaster.
for only the truly ignorant and ranted may step forth to claim the destiny of truth impaled!
for whence the trodden-over may rise and bite the flesh of realm,
only then should he-beasts forward by nexihaunt.
the truth within lies barren as fodder for carri0on picking vermin
and the remaining only writhe in justified horror.
buxomed beasts of ne’er well overbreed, locks of false gold higher yet

for sooth does the apocalypse still weigh heavy or is it a blessed gift?
when shall thine soul be delivered of Deaver?
Oh heavy heart.
Oh heavy soul.
Oh heavy.



couple pics of stuff found…



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due to splodey-foot, I work almost exclusively from home- which has it’s perks; I can sleep in, no commuting, don’t have to shower until I can’t stand it any longer, pee (or other things) at will, etc. But the down side is that I start feeling like a shut-in at times. Almost everyone I work with is in another state, sometimes another country; but there is still a camaraderie amongst disjointed cube dwellers even.

Sometime long ago- over seven years now, I was leading a team of very bright and somewhat warped web developers. We owned almost two rows of cubes and had nerf gun fights and would find interesting ways to annoy and insult each other without violating corporate office etiquette. It was a fun time as much as it was intense- it was also a time when my creativity was in full bloom and I needed stupid outlets to stay sane.

I’ve unearthed some artifacts from those days that have been sitting in boxes from 3-5 years and thought I’d share them…

corner or love the corner of love

boob-a-feet Facing a defiant Yoda across the aisle

johnny on the watch johnny on the watch

er… geek…

Pacific Northwest Office-Tack Frog Pacific Northwest Office-Tack Frog


Too Much Good Air

I am blocked at the moment- I have several posts in draft form.


A too much good air retrospective!!!!

tmga officethe office; 1985

Volume 1

TMGA Vol 1 Issue 1 TMGA Vol 1 Issue 2 TMGA Vol 1 Issue 3 TMGA Vol 1 Issue 4

Volume 2

TMGA Vol 2 Issue 1 TMGA Vol 2 Issue 2 TMGA Vol 2 Issue 3 TMGA Vol 2 Issue 4

more to come…

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the magical interweb

noted in my stats as a search string that brought a visitor to my site…

men shaving all body hair…

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splodey foot

Heard an interview with Dr. Greta Binford on NPR and then the next day read an article about her in The New Yorker.

So I decided to send her an email this afternoon to see if she’d be interested in maybe helping identify what bit me- almost 3 years ago now…

Around 9:30 pm


Around 11:00pm (when I called 911)


I hope she writes back. If I have to be gimpy, it’d be nice to know who to blame…


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Compacts Only

Compacts Only

Judge for yourself…


Super Terrorist Confesses!!!

Super KSM!Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (being referred to in the news as ‘KSM’- perhaps this will become a new sports clothing line?) has apparently confessed to just about everything that anyone bad did EVER.

I am a little late in reporting this (I was busy doing work that actually generates my salary yesterday), wonkette already nailed it; but they didn’t print the full list.

Items missed that KSM (now with electrolytes!) was also responsible for:


Vanilla Ice (He has an official web site. I am thinking… Gollum…)

“Flavor of Love”

Toe Fungus

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

Keiko’s Death

Oddly- Fox News’ list seemed to not mention one of the most egregious acts; the beheading of Daniel Pearl. Perhaps the snubbing of the ultra-liberal publication Wall Street Journal’s reporter was just an oversight- perhaps they just hate jews as well as blacks.

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Anatomical Miracle! Attorney General speaks through his anus!!!

Torture advocate Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez stated today that “mistakes were made” in how his office handled the firing of 8 U.S. Attorneys and asserted that he will take full responsibility and did so by firing his chief of staff whom is apparently still employed.

Medical experts are astounded that while the phrase “talking through his ass” is quite common, up until today it has been solely metaphorical.

Let’s hope Gonzalez can evolve this talent thusly.

In other news, Joe Conason is all over this (as usual).


The Disintegration of a Presidency and the Dismantling of America: A call for impeachment

It is no surprise that every aspect of the Bush II presidency is unraveling under close inspection as one scandal after another comes to light revealing ineptitude, dishonesty and a flagrant disdain for the United States Constitution and the American people. “Liberals” and “Intellectuals” that have taken pause to actually examine the decisions and policies from this administration* are not surprised; we have been respectfully (mostly) requesting even the most basic levels of scrutiny and oversight by the media and Congress all along. Whatever the reasons this did not happen, whether it was a willful ignorance or a complicity of inaction; the end result is the most egregious violations of all aspects of laws and life in the United States not the least of which being the trust of the American people.

Nixon lied about Watergate and resigned.
Clinton lied about an extramarital affair and was impeached.

George W. Bush and his administration has knowingly and willfully lied to the American people and the rest of the world over and over again to push their own agendas that have destabilized the globe and caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis and others.

To support my claim and justify my call for impeachment, I’ll provide a list of actions and events that all fall under the sole direction and discretion of the Bush Administration. Every single item listed below has been disputed and refuted by the administration until incontrovertible evidence to the contrary emerged whereas they finally admitted the truth and found someone to take the blame. EVERY item was policy directed from the oval office.

Indisputable facts:

Not Supporting Our Troops…

Going to war under false pretenses and ignored intelligence

There is a mis perception that we went to war with bad intelligence, This is an outright lie. The intelligence offered by all branches of US and allied services was impeccable- they all said there was NO evidence of WMD’s. This is not faulty intelligence, This is solid intelligence work. It just went against what the Bush administration wanted to hear. Just a few instances of President Bush and Vice president Cheney lying:

…with inadequate training

…with inadequate armor and gear

Cutting funding for treatment of veterans

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