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Retro Postage

One of the reasons for creating the flats is that over the past several years I’ve had several aborted attempts at this– from (someone stole the addy when I didn’t have the $$ to renew) to (which I am going to try to rebuild for posterity’s sake) and a multitude of random posts from personal to eulogizing (I did a lot of that the past two years :P) on myspace and various other forums…. obviously I think my thoughts are special enough to recollect and republish this stuff.

So in the first few weeks of the flats, assuming you bother to come, I will be reposting items with their original post dates- creating a time-space-word continuum rift as well as reposting some items around their anniversaries of the original publishing. Oddly a lot of them were in March. Maybe I have a thing for rebirth. Hell, I am Jewish and I often have wood… but I digress.

I realize that all this is pretty narcissistic, but these days what isn’t. Yeah that’s a cheap excuse. Please beat anyone that uses it with a snow shovel. In reality, often when I go back and read stuff that I wrote 1, 2, 4, 10, 15 years ago I am actually how amazed how good some it was and always wonder why I can’t write like that now. Rather than narcissism I submit, it is more an exercise of self-loathing and public mental masturbation in the hopes that someone will say “good boy- nice sperm” and/or several years later i can look at it and say “oooo- not bad” proving myself something better than I thought I was.

Of course by the time I do this, I am already lamenting the fact that I can’t write like that anymore. And it’s not a self-pity- it is a truth; I can’t write “walls” again or “I want a girlfriend” or “The American Jihad“.

I am beginning to realize the reason I can’t is because I already have.

And I guess that’s kind of okay…

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