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The “F Word” and the “C Word”

Ann Coulter likes to blow donkeys while getting anal from a german shepard. True story. We have pics.

Or as friends prefer to call her, Ann Cuntwhore.

Funny, eh? Pretty much?

Not really?

Where’s your sense of humor?

How about Ann Coulter is an obnoxious cunt and an attention whore?

Still not funny.

But true.

And offensive (I really hate the ‘C Word’ But there’s a reason why it’s so offensive).

But true.

My guess is that once again Ann’s book sales are lagging- no one is mentioning her name- what with Britney’s crotch and head spamming the news (sadly, neither hair in either location) and Anna Nicole Smith corpse tug-o-war- so she muchly needed some attention. Let’s praise the gods that be (pick a religion) that Ann didn’t expose herself as well- I NEVER want to see a vagina so crusty and dry and puckered up that it resembles corned beef that’s been left in an oven at 200 degrees for 4 months.

Ann is an anti-intellectual shit spewer with the inventiveness of a 9 year old. Calling a candidate for president of the United States a faggot? Holy fuck. This from a person that violates federal law knowingly and isn’t even smart enough to lie her way out of it.

What a douche bag.

The sad thing is that the media (including myself) spend any time at all paying attention to her. She’s a bully and should be treated as one. Ignored into obscurity.

But until that happens, here is the Flats’ anatomical examination of the phenomena behind Ann’s scariness- we have always felt that the comparisons to being a “transvestite” were unfair (to transvestites), so we did some anabolic scanning of images of her using the most sophisticated tools available to us (google image search) and these are the results of (what we think) is her true origin eeeeeep.jpg


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