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The Disintegration of a Presidency and the Dismantling of America: A call for impeachment

It is no surprise that every aspect of the Bush II presidency is unraveling under close inspection as one scandal after another comes to light revealing ineptitude, dishonesty and a flagrant disdain for the United States Constitution and the American people. “Liberals” and “Intellectuals” that have taken pause to actually examine the decisions and policies from this administration* are not surprised; we have been respectfully (mostly) requesting even the most basic levels of scrutiny and oversight by the media and Congress all along. Whatever the reasons this did not happen, whether it was a willful ignorance or a complicity of inaction; the end result is the most egregious violations of all aspects of laws and life in the United States not the least of which being the trust of the American people.

Nixon lied about Watergate and resigned.
Clinton lied about an extramarital affair and was impeached.

George W. Bush and his administration has knowingly and willfully lied to the American people and the rest of the world over and over again to push their own agendas that have destabilized the globe and caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis and others.

To support my claim and justify my call for impeachment, I’ll provide a list of actions and events that all fall under the sole direction and discretion of the Bush Administration. Every single item listed below has been disputed and refuted by the administration until incontrovertible evidence to the contrary emerged whereas they finally admitted the truth and found someone to take the blame. EVERY item was policy directed from the oval office.

Indisputable facts:

Not Supporting Our Troops…

Going to war under false pretenses and ignored intelligence

There is a mis perception that we went to war with bad intelligence, This is an outright lie. The intelligence offered by all branches of US and allied services was impeccable- they all said there was NO evidence of WMD’s. This is not faulty intelligence, This is solid intelligence work. It just went against what the Bush administration wanted to hear. Just a few instances of President Bush and Vice president Cheney lying:

…with inadequate training

…with inadequate armor and gear

Cutting funding for treatment of veterans

Providing sub-standard care for Veterans

Under funding and depleting our National Guard

Changing tours and length of service

Redeploying troops unfit for combat and redeployment

Breaking down America

Dismantling of FEMA (Making effective disaster response difficult if not impossible)

Dismantling of the EPA as a cost-cutting measure while we are spending $9 billion/month on the war in Iraq (Closing research libraries- NOT reported in mainstream news to any large degree yet and having immense impact to the health of Americans generations to come)

Dismantling education

Ignoring Terrorist Threats

Illegally spying on Americans

Illegally firing federal judges (this was not a surprise- check the date of the first link)

Treasonous outing of a CIA agent

I didn’t include the issues of torture, suspension of habeas corpus, funding of the terrorist organizations that were involved with 9/11 and Al Qaeda, the building of false data and moving of troops and an aircraft carrier to support an attack on Iran and other burgeoning facts since they have not been irrefutably reported on in mainstream press or governmental sites.

But I think the above is enough to support the case for impeachment.

The rest is up to you.

*from day one which really began with the supreme court decision in the closed vote decision handing Bush the presidency which subverted the electoral process and threw out the precept of transparency.


  1. pirano said,

    March 14, 2007 at 1:22 am

    What’s with all the newspaper links? Dubya already admitted that he doesn’t read newspapers…

    Impeachment? Don’t you need an opposition with a spine to pull off something like that?

    Cheers from Slovenia (which Dubya referred to as Slovakia)

  2. admin said,

    March 14, 2007 at 9:12 am

    I don’t think I’d need to convince Dubya that he needs to impeach himself- although I’m sure you could probably confuse him into signing the papers…

    The opposition- which seems to be the entirety of Congress only has spine when the citizenry is outraged- e.g. veterans being treated in moldy bug infested hospital rooms.

    I get tired of the left wring punditry offering long erudite diatribes of the subversion of bla bla bla. It’s great for me, cuz I like bla cubed- but the majority of Americans couldn’t give a rats ass. What Americans DO care about is their families and the troops (also their families) and hopefully my post lays out via bullet points and links for this administration has been royally fucking us for 7 years and has royally fucked us for generations to come.

    I think maybe the most offensive of all is the “democrats don’t support the troops” bullshit while almost all funding or legislation to help the troops comes from the dem side meanwhile the repiglicans goose-step with Dubya and slash funding and send the troops out into harms way. It makes me sick. Literally.

    I don’t expect that amongst the 4 readers I have, one a smelly drunk ex-pat, that the populace will rise up to demand accountability and justice; but it needs to be said and one can always hope that someone of consequence (not I) agrees and spreads the message in the clarity I tried to offer.

    pee ess- did you see the video of condi and laura (trying) to dance to those crazy south american beats? And they say that white people with tight asses is an unfair stereotype…

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