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Everything is serious
god dammit
because if it weren’t
it’d obviously have no meaning

we get tired of crying
and sighing
and saying less
as to not have to say more

we live in worlds of varying sizes
running around screaming naked
and seeing what occasionally fits
is one way to go

why is it so wrong to find love

it’s far easier to take what we want
and justify our acts
with long doctrines
and speeches

eventually we may learn
that you don’t have to fuck something
in order to be intimate with it



miniature anarchists
tear across tiled floor
through gates and attack everything in sight
watching bark chips fly
while traversing slices of sidewalk
protruding, nipping propelling me forward
concrete crumbles chew at my feet
my pack turns from salt to bitter
finally asphalt surrenders to scrubgrass
it crunches between my toes
as if fire hazard is god’s plan
the view broadens away from artifice
I shuck my baggage and lay back against the dirt
time licks the palms of my hands
as fireflies create heavens below the treeline