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Altoids: Supporting slave beatings since 1780

Apparently Altoids thinks being whipped is like eating a mint. I fully support the person that approved this ad experience the difference.

altoids thinks being whipped is like eating a mint


Coulter Redux


i fucking hate people

i’m cereal…

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Anatomical Miracle! Attorney General speaks through his anus!!!

Torture advocate Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez stated today that “mistakes were made” in how his office handled the firing of 8 U.S. Attorneys and asserted that he will take full responsibility and did so by firing his chief of staff whom is apparently still employed.

Medical experts are astounded that while the phrase “talking through his ass” is quite common, up until today it has been solely metaphorical.

Let’s hope Gonzalez can evolve this talent thusly.

In other news, Joe Conason is all over this (as usual).


The Disintegration of a Presidency and the Dismantling of America: A call for impeachment

It is no surprise that every aspect of the Bush II presidency is unraveling under close inspection as one scandal after another comes to light revealing ineptitude, dishonesty and a flagrant disdain for the United States Constitution and the American people. “Liberals” and “Intellectuals” that have taken pause to actually examine the decisions and policies from this administration* are not surprised; we have been respectfully (mostly) requesting even the most basic levels of scrutiny and oversight by the media and Congress all along. Whatever the reasons this did not happen, whether it was a willful ignorance or a complicity of inaction; the end result is the most egregious violations of all aspects of laws and life in the United States not the least of which being the trust of the American people.

Nixon lied about Watergate and resigned.
Clinton lied about an extramarital affair and was impeached.

George W. Bush and his administration has knowingly and willfully lied to the American people and the rest of the world over and over again to push their own agendas that have destabilized the globe and caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis and others.

To support my claim and justify my call for impeachment, I’ll provide a list of actions and events that all fall under the sole direction and discretion of the Bush Administration. Every single item listed below has been disputed and refuted by the administration until incontrovertible evidence to the contrary emerged whereas they finally admitted the truth and found someone to take the blame. EVERY item was policy directed from the oval office.

Indisputable facts:

Not Supporting Our Troops…

Going to war under false pretenses and ignored intelligence

There is a mis perception that we went to war with bad intelligence, This is an outright lie. The intelligence offered by all branches of US and allied services was impeccable- they all said there was NO evidence of WMD’s. This is not faulty intelligence, This is solid intelligence work. It just went against what the Bush administration wanted to hear. Just a few instances of President Bush and Vice president Cheney lying:

…with inadequate training

…with inadequate armor and gear

Cutting funding for treatment of veterans

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Haliburton screws Americans yet again

Haliburton has announced that they will be moving their corporate headquarters from Houston, Texas to Dubai, UAE this morning.

I thought it would be interesting to see what news savvy organizations would be picking this up- results below.

But first, here are the notes I took upon learning the news (wholly by accident researching some quotes for Robi):

  • What are the estimated total dollars in contracts that Haliburton/KBR have with the US Government?
  • How many years are these contracts for (just the really big ones)?
  • How much in taxes has Haliburton paid each year on income gained by the U.S and how much estimated do they still have to pay through the end of the current contracts?
  • Do they still have to pay US taxes or are they now going to be fully under Dubai tax law?
  • What clauses/provisions, if any, do our government contracts have about the contracted corporation’s responsibility to serve in the best interest of the U.S. government (none).

The vexing questions I will try to answer in upcoming days.

I think the answers will be brutal. I think the American people have a right to demand that the contracts given to Haliburton be redacted due to the gross misuse and fraud already discovered and now that the company is moving it’s corporate operations to the UAE which has been identified in the 9/11 Commision’s report as having ties to Osama bin Laden and perhaps even aiding and abetting him.

At what point are Americans going to stand up and stop the Bush Administration and their cronies from raping America further? From the start our troops have received inadequate armor and training; have been shoved into a war that had no planning or consideration whatsoever and was initiated on false pretenses; have received the worst in medical care for the injured, both physically and mentally– all the while huge uncontested contracts with little or no oversight are handed to companies like Haliburton that has continually abused and committed fraud (as early as 2004– a year after the war began). Billions of dollars going into a corporation’s hands that has no loyalty or sense of service to the primary country that has fed it. Meanwhile our veterans have dismal medical care and facilities to contend with at home.

This is criminal morally and otherwise.

As to the “Up to the second” news on the internet by the major US news organizations; as of 2:36 pm PDT only the following had the story:

ABC Halliburton Will Move HQ to Dubai
New York Times Halliburton Will Move Headquarters to Dubai
Washington Post Halliburton to Relocate to Dubai

Not sure the WSJ’s story headline really counts- it kind of sounds like Haliburton will be joining a bridge club….

WSJ Halliburton Expands Mideast Presence; CEO to Spend More Time in Dubai

Those that didn’t have anything at all had the following as their top story:

CBS Suspect Arrested In Newborn Kidnapping
CNN Bush greeted by pomp and violent protests
Fox Kidnapped Texas Newborn Found Alive
MSNBC Bush renews support for strong ally Colombia
US News and World Report: Beyond Baghdad, Security Struggles

Draw your own conclusions.

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