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We do not need gun control

We need a licensing system- just as with any other device that has the potential to be lethal and can be grossly misused- there needs to be system for buying and owning guns.

Would you let any shmuck walk into a Ford dealership and drive off with an F-350 without first knowing that they A. know how to drive and B. are permitted to hold a drivers license?


Why should guns be any different?

It should be, to own a gun, you need to apply for a license. This means there’s a background check (no prior criminal offenses, history of mental defect, etc.), a written and a practical test and a statement of self-liability if used for unlawful means.
There will be class restrictions. You need to pass a test for each class of weapon you want to use. Pistol, rifle, howitzer, etc.

The fee will be nominal- $75. Needs to be renewed every two years (background check) for $25.

No specific data will be collected about what the owner purchases, just that the seller has checked the license and made sure it’s valid. It can be done via computer or 1-800 number. Must be accompanied by a drivers license, state or military ID. The same things required to write a check.

That’s it. Very simple. Even personal sales can make a 1-800 phone call to do due diligence.

If such a simple system was in place, it would have made the Virginia Tech shootings much less likely to have happened and with the added responsibility of taking liability for purchasing the firearms, maybe the parents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would have taken more care and locked up their gear.

Abridging the right to bear arms I am wholeheartedly against. I don’t trust our government either. But the right to bear arms does not abdicate the responsibility of owning arms.

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