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Today over brunch at Virgo and Pisces (favorite new brunch place at 21st and Everett) Jenny and I were reflecting about 9 years of our relationship together (we still consider ourselves as ‘dating’) and she referred to it as “nine wonderful years” which I took as her being tongue-in-cheek- I responded with “Wonderful eh?” to wit she replied “You mean they haven’t been wonderful?”

In retrospect this could be more dangerous a question than “Does this <insert clothes here> make my ass look big?”, but I rarely think in “DANGER” mode- which is probably why sometimes I have had things thrown at me- and I responded รข”Well there certainly are wonderful moments- do you think they’ve been wonderful?”

The night before we went to rent Borat and waiting on line I saw a Max Headroom DVD (Couldn’t have been DVD- I researched it) behind glass and it made me think of the 80’s and stream of thought to an interview I heard that afternoon that referenced a Warren Zevon quote from a David Letterman interview just a few weeks before he died where Letterman asked Zevon if there was anything he understood now, facing his own mortality, that he didn’t before. Zevon replied, “Just how much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich.” I had seen that Letterman, I am a HUGE Zevon fan, but had forgotten the quote. I reiterated this very long involved stream of thought to Jenny on the drive back to my apartment last night explaining how much I loved that quote and the underlying perspective (the conversation was much longer and convoluted- I feel sorry for people that have to sit through my ramblings sometimes) and thought to myself that even though a week earlier we had this tremendous blowout that we were still able to be sitting next to each other not even 7 days later and still enjoying each other’s company.

The past nine years have had moments of devastatingly painful experiences, much difficulty and sadness, a great deal of confusion, and many hard changes. In other words, it’s been life.

And regardless of our ever-changing relationship status, we’ve remained best of friends.

So yes, it has most definitely been wonderful.

As difficult as they have been, how could they have been otherwise?

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