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due to splodey-foot, I work almost exclusively from home- which has it’s perks; I can sleep in, no commuting, don’t have to shower until I can’t stand it any longer, pee (or other things) at will, etc. But the down side is that I start feeling like a shut-in at times. Almost everyone I work with is in another state, sometimes another country; but there is still a camaraderie amongst disjointed cube dwellers even.

Sometime long ago- over seven years now, I was leading a team of very bright and somewhat warped web developers. We owned almost two rows of cubes and had nerf gun fights and would find interesting ways to annoy and insult each other without violating corporate office etiquette. It was a fun time as much as it was intense- it was also a time when my creativity was in full bloom and I needed stupid outlets to stay sane.

I’ve unearthed some artifacts from those days that have been sitting in boxes from 3-5 years and thought I’d share them…

corner or love the corner of love

boob-a-feet Facing a defiant Yoda across the aisle

johnny on the watch johnny on the watch

er… geek…

Pacific Northwest Office-Tack Frog Pacific Northwest Office-Tack Frog