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Evenings should be days.

I’ve had a TiVo® for year (thanks Dana) and it makes teevee tolerable for me as I just create my own programming. I am working tonight, validating a months long migration project that hopefully will be successful (looks like it may be with some small caveats), but sitting in a hot apartment under two fans alone clicking on things isn’t really what I want my Sunday night to be necessarily.
So I turn on the boob tube (which oddly I don’t actually use to watch boobs) and see I have 5 Bill Moyers shows in my queue, the most recent of which “Going home with Maya Angelou” and I think, “this should be lovely and profound” and I start playing it.
Of course, within the first couple of minutes I realize I really haven’t thought this through, but continue watching anyway. Maya and Bill stop right before walking over the the railroad tracks into the old “white section of town” where she never felt safe because anything could happen and that at least on the black side she had “an idea of protection” and Maya hesitates and says “I really don’t want to got across the thing, I really don’t” and Bill says ” I understand. So what are you thinking right now?”
And Maya says “You still on my side. We both be safe.”
So… now I am a weeping mess, blowing my nose, heart happy and achey all at once and can’t concentrate for shit.
I would rather live in this state of thought and reason, emotion and connection far more often than I am able to. Maybe some point before I lose my ability feel this way I will figure out a way to do so.
Watch this.

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  1. Mayelis said,

    November 13, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    How fitting that you sholud write about racial injustice not because of your color, but because of your conviction. Write on! Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King Jr.

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