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sex poll (part 2)

By popular demand– unedited

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:06:34 PM): Dadman?

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:06:27 PM): hey sam

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:06:32 PM): whats up?

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:07:09 PM): Heya there :]

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:07:18 PM): Can you help me with my homework?

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:07:00 PM): I can try –>[if gte vml 1]> –>[if !vml]–>:-) –>[endif]–>

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:07:38 PM): I’m supposed to ask a parent 10 questions about their values when it comes to sex :]

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:07:32 PM): Oh thats just fucking great

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:07:35 PM): –>[if gte vml 1]> –>[if !vml]–>:-) –>[endif]–>

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:08:18 PM): xD Sex ed, yknow?

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:07:52 PM): lol yeah- go ahead

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:08:40 PM): Kays, jsut a sec

sparkleXxXbabe<..timestamp> (8:08:48 PM): I gotta think of four more questions XD

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:08:22 PM): lol okay

cooldadkip<..timestamp> (8:08:53 PM): are you asking your mom too? because she has like 9 kids– be interested in seeing what her answers are too

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sex poll (part 1)

I am sitting here waiting for my youngest daughter to think up the last two questions of 10 total that she needs to ask a parent about “my values when it comes to sex”.

She’s having trouble coming up with the last two- I just asked her “what kind of teenager are you?”

Making fun of your kids is a blessing of parenthood.

I have no idea what she plans on asking.

I am trying to decide how I am going to answer her too. All kinds of evil ideas are coming to mind. When they were babies I used to joke to friends about training them to eat dirt and telling them that dogs are orange, etc. Being they are babies and blank slates- they wouldn’t know any better- I’d save tons of cash on food and enjoy the perplexing looks on the neighbors faces when “Lassie” is called an fruit… etc.

Torturing your kids is a blessing of parenthood.

Through all the weirdness and sadness and loss of the past several weeks– I am truly blessed.

Now I just need a new bed, a larger place and [thought censored for sanitary reading].