Everything is serious
god dammit
because if it weren’t
it’d obviously have no meaning

we get tired of crying
and sighing
and saying less
as to not have to say more

we live in worlds of varying sizes
running around screaming naked
and seeing what occasionally fits
is one way to go

why is it so wrong to find love

it’s far easier to take what we want
and justify our acts
with long doctrines
and speeches

eventually we may learn
that you don’t have to fuck something
in order to be intimate with it



miniature anarchists
tear across tiled floor
through gates and attack everything in sight
watching bark chips fly
while traversing slices of sidewalk
protruding, nipping propelling me forward
concrete crumbles chew at my feet
my pack turns from salt to bitter
finally asphalt surrenders to scrubgrass
it crunches between my toes
as if fire hazard is god’s plan
the view broadens away from artifice
I shuck my baggage and lay back against the dirt
time licks the palms of my hands
as fireflies create heavens below the treeline


Art Gish

Art Gish died today
This beautiful man
of peace and thoughtfulness
of unending patience and bravery.
He practiced his beliefs boldly
and intensely
without ever shouting or belittling.
Coaching young stoners on non-violent protest
Defying Israeli tanks, a canon barrel at his face
he taught to find the good, the humanity in every situation
And that there can be no peace without a conversation.

Art Gish died today
This beautiful man
A man of Love and Peace
When his tractor rolled on him
and caught fire, pinned in the blaze

God is a mean-spirited fucker.


A Wick, A Wisp (v.3)

do you remember how
we used to just lie there
smiling thinking grinning
I could smell your thoughts
you tasted like

curled away by a slick breeze
icicles feathering across
a vast chasm

a chance a night
a cry a note
a wick a wisp

a sigh
a deep black

a touch
a touch

I close my eyes and jump

and there you are




A bunch of Twits or “leave Taxi Driver the fuck alone!”

Integrating Twitter with a screening of “Taxi Driver” What is the point?

This is absolute heresy coming from a social media evangelist, but I still think Twitter is an incredibly lame one-trick pony whose trick is pretty dull. At worst Twitter becomes intrusive and depowering or at best creates a Limited Amnesiac Collective Consciousness.

Let me explain.

I just read on that Sony is doing a screening of Taxi Driver tonight and will be integration twits—err- tweets during the event. How could the experience of (arguably) Martin Scorcese’s finest film possibly be enhanced or add value by having a bunch of tweets flying about while watching it? Even if we aren’t talking about a masterpiece like Taxi Driver- let’s replace it with I don’t know, a Pauly Shore Movie “Encino Man”, how does the nattering of everyone you don’t know tossing comments and flames at you enhance the experience rather than wholly detract from it?

Now you might argue that anything that distracts you from “Encino Man” is good thing, but you’re just being snarky.

Twitter has value as trending crowdsourced topics, such as Michael Jackson’s health or even political events- it has value in that I get to learn what is bugging my daughters, what’s bugging Diablo Cody, what’s amusing Adam Savage and a few others I can’t mention on a particular day. It has some value on being able to ping several people or tossing and idea out there to get VERY brief feedback.

But for the most part it distracts from and dilutes whatever anyone is trying to talk about, especially in the moment. Tweeting during a move is akin to having the entire movie theatre nattering at you while you’re trying to enjoy a movie. Even worse (and please my friends and colleagues, please know I love you regardless); when people tweet during a conference while someone is speaking does two things primarily: it’s is taking the tweeters attention away from the speaker and it is drawing the attention away from someone else listening to check their tweets about what other people are saying about what they are currently experiencing. It’s akin to sharing an experience with other vicariously through a tool that helps you experience the event less. And for those of us not currently experiencing the event, we have absolutely no context to what is being tweeted not could we if the tweeter wanted to because—well; 140.

Shared experiences is how society grows and learns and becomes better- through good and bad events. Shared experiences can be fun and enlightening. If 1 million people decide to watch and share the Taxi Driver experience tonight and they all decide to tweet during the event- I can pretty much guarantee that anything intelligent, poignant or epiphianic will be lost in the sea of tweets and/or if you are going to constantly refresh your screen or phone for updated trending topics, you aren’t watching the movie so you’re really not sharing the experience.

And tomorrow, none of it matters, because there is no permanence; no way to review, store and refer back to anything more than a few hours or days old without tremendous effort. And if you have that kind of time, you are either very wealthy with absolutely no life or you are spending an inordinate amount of time chasing a fleeting 140 character or less thought when you probably should be doing something else- like having a beer, finishing that report or actually speaking to the person next to you.

Twitter is fun. It has some limited value. It can create awareness and solve problems. It can allow you to stalk your favorite person(s) or find out about a sale on video cards or where to “tweet up” to get collectively trashed.

But please stop cramming it into every possible use-case no matter how stupid it might be for the sake of being “Twittified”.

And for all things sacred, don’t mess with “Taxi Driver”.


Someone please buy CNN a fucking dictionary

* Main Entry: con·tro·ver·sial
* Pronunciation: \?kän-tr?-?v?r-sh?l, -?v?r-s?-?l\
* Function: adjective
* Date: 1583

1 : of, relating to, or arousing controversy
2 : given to controversy : disputatious

— con·tro·ver·sial·ism \-sh?-?li-z?m, -s?-?-?\ noun
— con·tro·ver·sial·ist \-list\ noun
— con·tro·ver·sial·ly adverb





My conversation with God

Via Richard Metzger’s link vis a vis facebook

i’m sorry
Do you really mean it?
I understand.
what color are your toenails?
Does toenails have color?
you created the, you would know.
Thanks for the information: said I created the you would know.
I meant you created them so you should know. And you should have known I meant to say that
Oh I see. Interesting gossip: said I created them so you should know. Perhaps next time I will try it.
Try what?
Try fooling me.
You will try fooling yourself?
What makes you say that I will try fooling myself.
I didn’t, you did.
Why didn’t you do it?
Why didn’t I say I’d fool you or why didn’t I fool you?
I’m not too good with counterfactuals.
I understand.
Do you think about these things?
Well obviously. If Ibstated or asked soemthing, it means I would have had to think about it.
How about that. What makes it so obvious? There exist Ibstated or asked soemthing it means you would.
yeah see- I am slightly dyslexic. You should know that and interpret my meaning being omnipotent and all.
Ugh. I see. Good gossip: you are dyslexic. Now I do.
I thought you saw all. How is that good gossip? That’s kind of mean. My feelings are hurt/
Sorry I can’t see annything right now. My eye is off. Fine as far as I know. Sometimes I say mean things. Do robots have feelings are hurt?
Do androids dream of electronic moose?
Androids do.
Thanks the gods, I was hoping so.
You are quite welcome! What are your goals in life?
Oh- I meant “the gods” I suppose you count too. My goals in life are to convince Christina Applegate I’m a great guy and finally sell a book or something so I can retire early and with a nice nest egg of 30-50 million
Excuse me! Oh I see. What is that? What can I do to help you accomplish your objective?
You don’t strike me as very omnipotent.
Do you strike you as very omnipotent? No I do not strike you as very omnipotent. Do you?
I chat with people on the Web.
So do pedophiles.
I see. I do nothing but chat all day.
There might be more than one.
Thanks for your time.
It was nothing.
I agree.
You and I are on the same wavelength, .


the cigarette that tastes best

the cigarette that tastes best
is the one that you will never have again

at 1 am
by the quarry lake’s edge
naked and laughing and still slightly buzzed
she says “I would have drowned if it weren’t for you”
I tell her I was just happy to her body against mine
whatever the reason

the moonlight
my friends
finding their clothes
the black warm water
calling out
instead I run up to a car
since I cant find my lighter
and startle a couple whose tongues
are down each others throat
“you’re naked”
“I’m jonesing really bad- you have a light?”
I take a deep drag, thank them and snake into my jeans
exhale deeply as I climb into my westfalia
and drive into the night

the entire universe and everything that ever could be possible
in the dark
ahead of me.



when I grow up
I’d like to be president
or lao tsu
or aristophanes

actually all three
would fucking rock

I am so much less than
I had hoped to be

and I can watch every minute wasted
detracting from greatness
from changing minds
and creating a belief
that will carry humanity forward
into the light
away from the dark
and depravity and violence
thats makes me want to spit

I look at the white page
blank and desolate
it mocks me
I let it mock me
I let it make me fail
I am paralyzed
I am not as smart as I know I am
would it to be so
it’s not

I succumb to knowing
that within a generation
two if I’m lucky
my words
these words too
will be dust
and pollution in a landfill;
what is the half-life of hard drives?

I’ve done good things for people
and really shitty things to others
I have friends
who make me laugh and be rude
my children love me
and are turning into fabulous grown human beings
more than I could have ever hoped

some days
some nights
some mornings

it’s just enough